What we do

Our practice is equipped with, amongst others, a consultation room, a theatre and x-ray facilities. We are also able to assist with chemical immobilisation of wild animals, remote drug delivery and post mortems.


Radiograph of dog’s chest / X-straal foto van hond se borskas


tessa buya en narkosemasjien

Dr Tessa Drew (and her puppy ‘Buya’) standing next to our Humphrey ‘Free Ox’ anaesthetic machine


tessa hiena

Dr Tessa Drew busy with an immobilised hyena


praktyk haas


Deli giving one of our patients some TLC/ Deli besig om een van ons pasiënte te versorg

Nadoodse ondersoek op kameelperd

Dr. Brand van Sittert busy with a post mortem on a giraffe / Nadoose ondersoek op kameelperd